Tutorial: Token/NFT Redeem Workflow
During the token transfer process, if a user navigates away from send token/NFT window or the transaction does not complete, the user will need to perform the redeem workflow.

Redeem Workflow

  • Head to https://portalbridge.com/#/redeem or click the redeem tab
  • Select the type - 'Token' or 'NFT'
  • Select the source chain (the chain that the token or NFT was sent from)
  • Input the source transaction only. The rest of the fields will auto populate.
  • Click recover and you will be redirected to the transfer page to complete the transaction.
If the recover button does not work, do a hard refresh on the browser and repeat the steps.
If you see any error messages, please check out our FAQs here

Where can I find the source transaction?

For EVM chains, the source transaction can be found by:
  • Searching your wallet in the relevant block explorer
  • Find the corresponding transaction hash with "Transfer Tokens" & click the link
  • The source transaction will be the transaction hash
For Solana, the source transaction can be found in your Solana wallet.
For Phantom users:
  • Click on the transaction tab in the Phantom wallet, if it was the last transaction you made, this will be on the top of the list
  • Click the corresponding transaction which will open the Solana Explorer
  • The source transaction will be the signature of the transaction